Outokumpu showcases Prodec in Machining Day in Aalten

On June the 1st, 2016 Outokumpu hosted a Machining Day in its service center in Aalten, the Netherlands to showcase the company’s Prodec stainless materials. Prodec stands for superior machinability and it is Outokumpu’s proprietary stainless steel range that delivers production economy and cost savings. The event was organized together with a Dutch machining association Verspanerforum.

Outokumpu has conducted standardized V15 machining tests by an external laboratory that clearly show that Prodec grades offer higher machining speeds than other competing materials in the market. In the event, Outokumpu will demonstrate turning and milling techniques for both Prodec bar and plate.

Says Kari Tuutti, head of Long Products: “Outokumpu Prodec range of products enable higher machining speeds, longer tool life, and superior part quality with reduced total cost for finished parts. According to our tests, Prodec can achieve machining speeds up to 300 m/minute, which means double tool life compared to the competing materials. When the processing time shortens, our customers can optimize machining speeds to gain significant cost savings per component – depending on the application, the cost savings can be up-to 50%.” Machining at higher speeds also helps to avoid built-up edge on inserts and leads to a better surface quality and tolerances.

Outokumpu Prodec is available as hexagon, square, flat and round bars, as well as rolled billets and plate in Prodec grades 304L/4307, 316L/4404, 303/4305 and 17-4PH. These are suitable for machining applications such as fasteners, flanges, valves, pressure fittings, nuts, bolts and screws, gears, shafts, and bearings as well as industrial machined components.

Pictures of the event and test and demonstrations are available by clicking here & here.

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