Incoloy 825 piping at Hart b.v.

At Hart b.v, they continued business as usual, as did their stocks. This month Hart b.v. would like to inform you on Incoloy 825, also known as Nickel-Iron-Chromium alloy with additions of Molybdenum, Copper and Titanium. Incoloy 825 is a widely used Nickel Alloy in the Oil and Gas industry.
Did you know that Incoloy 825 can be used in many other applications, such as the chemical processing, acid production, handling of radioactive wastes and pollution control?

Incoloy 825 can be used in a wide range of applications, due to its excellent resistance to corrosion under diverse conditions.
Incoloy 825, as Inconel 625, has excellent resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. Even reducing and oxidizing acids, such as Nitrates, Nitric acid and oxidizing salts (due to the use of Chromium) are no match, as is Sulfuric, Phosphoric acids and Sulfur. Incoloy 825 maintains a strong thoughness at both room and elevated temperatures up to and around 550 degrees Celsius.

Hart b.v. has a very extensive range of Incoloy 825 piping. And as the leading stockholder in Europe, they maintain a high level of stock from renowned European, North American and Japanese mills. Our stock is replenished continuously.

Our stock range from:
- 1/2" up to and including 8"
- Sch.10s up to and including XXS
- 100% PMI and NACE MR0175 and MR103
- 3.1 certificate, including additional tests.

Next to our stocks, we also have in-house services for:
- Cutting to fixed length
- PMI in-house
- Bevelling
- Export packing according to ISPM
- Delivery 24 hours FCA