De apt Groep bevestigt haar duurzaamheidsambities!

For the first time, the apt Group has calculated its CO2 footprint for the year 2021. This includes the upstream process of primary aluminium production, the production of aluminium profiles, transport and logistics. TÜV Rheinland confirmed the values. The values show that apt is below the European average, which is necessary for the production of the raw material alone.

Sustainability is a topic widely discussed and is essential for the apt Group. At the end of 2021, the group joined the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and launched various projects to advance the topics of economic, ecological and social sustainability. Michael Zint, CEO of the apt Group: “As an aluminium processing group in Europe, we have a special responsibility to contribute to the European Green Deal.” At our sites, we manufacture aluminium products with a capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes. In addition, the apt Group operates its own recycling plant and has one of the largest integrated surface treatment facilities in Europe The group operates a total of six extrusion presses that are supplied with aluminium billets and then process them into aluminium profiles. This requires a great deal of power and energy. Any process scrap generated is recycled internally into new billets.

When supplying aluminium billets, the group ensures that they are obtained as sustainably as possible with a low CO2 footprint from different sources. In addition, a dedicated energy team is active at the apt production sites, which is responsible for identifying potential and saving energy through a wide range of projects. “The measures are paying off,” says Zint. “In a comparison within the aluminium industry, our results are two-thirds better than the industry average. This includes all process steps – from the production of the raw material to manufacturing and processing up to the transport to our customers.. We even record indirect emissions, such as the commuting of apt employees. For us, aluminium is the material that will play a significant role in achieving the necessary climate targets.”

Aluminium – a special material
Aluminium is an all-rounder and is used in the most diverse areas. Whether window frames, door frames, façades, e-mobility or even in football goals – life would be different without constructions made of aluminium. apt has set its focus on supplying the construction, transport, automotive and industrial markets. Renowned manufacturers source aluminium profiles and aluminium components from apt. Aluminium is stable, easy to clean and sustainable. With only approx. 5% of the energy originally used, it can be recycled forever and made into new products.

About apt
The apt Group is one of the leading companies in the European aluminium industry. It manufactures, processes and sells aluminium profiles and products for the construction, transport, automotive and industry sectors. With its four production sites, the group is divided into the divisions apt Extrusions and apt Products. It covers the entire value chain – from development, recycling, extrusion, fabrication, surface finishing (anodising and powder coating) to assembly and logistics. With around 1,000 employees, the group generates revenues of about 250 million euros.